Lifestyle Financial Planning

The majority of people have no idea where they are heading financially. They will have assets, investments, and/or high levels of income, but most people have no idea what it all means, or what sort of financial future they are going to get.

Many of our clients have very little time to think about their long-term financial plan.  We live busy lives, but almost all of our clients aspire to do the things we love – travel, hobbies and retirement! .

Our Lifestyle Financial Planning service is about planning and using your finances to support the lifestyle you choose.

Our sophisticated planning software has been designed to help bring people face to face with the reality of what their future looks like. For some people this can be a joy, for others it can be a shock – but either way most people want to know the truth, so they can do something about it.

Working with you, we aim to deliver the number one priority for many of our clients – a clear and accurate picture of how you are going to get to a point where you never have to worry about running out of money.

Working with you, we can get real accurate information about:

  • What you must do if you are to achieve your financial objectives
  • How best to live life to the full, whilst still young enough to enjoy it
  • The exact length of time you will be able to support your lifestyle in retirement
  • The degree of risk you need to expose yourself to
  • How seemingly minor changes can dramatically change your future financial picture – for the better, or worse
  • Why there’s probably no room for complacency and no time to lose

By entering details of your income, outgoings, assets and liabilities, this gives us an accurate measure of your net worth and current financial situation. We then build up a picture of the life you want to enjoy in years to come.

Our software then puts the two together. It produces a dramatic picture which spells out the reality of the financial future you are creating for yourselves.

Suddenly you can see it, understand it and believe it – because it’s based solely on the information you give! The software can then model realistic “what if” scenarios that will demonstrate the different outcomes which can be created. It allows to you plan accurately for retirement, inheritance tax, educational fees, insurance, health care and more, whether they are expected or not.

Working with you, our software solves the problem by putting the focus back on you. You become the centre of attention and we will both be able to create an accurate personalised picture of what you must do in order to get what you want.

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